What is Crohn’s Disease and a bit About Me: (first page)

  Crohn’s Disease is a chronic illness causing inflammation of the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract).  It can occur anywhere in your GI tract which starts at your mouth and ends with the anus.  It varies in intensity and areas of occurence from person to person.  For example, it can manifest as sores in the mouth, which I have had, but it usually strikes the small intestine and/or colon.  Throughout my posts I will discuss symptoms, signs, side effects and associated aspects related to Crohn’s Disease with special attention given to my own personal experience going through the different stages of life and the effect Crohn’s Disease has had on those stages or could have had.

  About Me:  I am a 51 yr old woman and have had Crohn’s Disease since age 8.  I have been happily married for 18 yrs to a wonderful, supportive husband and have a sweet 16 yr old daughter who enjoys helping me out when necessary.  We have two dogs, a Cairn terrier, Woody, who loves to play ball and a Corgie, Sandy, who loves giving and accepting affection (lol).  They are good company for me since I am alone during the day.

  I am an RN, driven into nursing by my desires to help others with illness.  Unfortunately, I have severe complications (which I will discuss further in my future posts) that keeps me from working (I want to say that the complication which keeps me from working, short bowel syndrome with associated Crohn ‘s flares and only three and a half ft. of bowel is no longer common with the newer ways of treatment).

  I enjoy hanging with my family and friends and consider myself to be blessed, and a positive, optimistic person despite years of battling Crohn’s.  I also like to quilt, read (I loved The Lord of the Rings Series and the Twilight Series, and even Harry Potter books) and I think that Robert Pattenson is “hot” despite the fact that he is just a baby compared to me.  HaHa.  In the good weather (I live in New England) I love to walking and in the winter, I love downhill skiing although I have not been able to go in a few years.  I really need to work-out and strengthen my legs before I ski again because some of the medications I took for years (prednisone-steroid) has made my bones brittle, leaving me with osteoporosis.  I am on a drug now that helps reverse the damage to my bones.

  A history of Crohn’s Disease can be common in families and it has been prevalent in mine.  I pray and hope that my daughter does not get the illness but, there are much newer and promising treatments now as opposed to when I presented with it so I’m sure she would be ok.  I’m still here after all I’ve been through and I expect  to be here for many more years (as I said before I’ve been able to cope with all of this due to my positive nature and also my faith.  A cure may come during my lifetime and be great for all of those  who don’t have short bowel or other complications.  As I said before short bowel is rare now due to the newer treatments and ways of handling intestinal surgeries for Crohn’s.

  I hope to post weekly on this blog, until then try and stay well.  I will be back to share my feelings and education about Crohn’s Disease.  I encourage you to make comments and ask questions.  Poopser (how do you like my nickname, Pooper and Poopster were already taken. lol.  (This is page 1)


14 Responses to “What is Crohn’s Disease and a bit About Me: (first page)”

  1. John Says:

    Off to a great start Hon!! The page looks great and it’s good to see you connected!

  2. Ellen Haroutunian Says:

    Mary, this looks great!!!!! Can I put a link to your blog on mine? *hugs*

  3. Carol Clark Says:

    Mary, That’s awsome!! I’m sure it will help alot of people once the word gets out!!

  4. Robin Willis Says:

    You did good! Very professional. I’ll be following you!

  5. Rick Bernier Says:

    Mary, this was very interesting reading and I’m truly inspired by your positive attitude. You have fought and struggled, but prevailed in life with a wonderful, supportive husband (John is an extraordinary person!) and a very special and intelligent daughter! Robert Pettinson?? You are a very, very bad girl! I won’t tell John!

  6. Joanne Says:

    Mary, this is very interesting! I’m really enjoying it! Keep up the good work.

  7. Ellen Says:

    Hi Poopser! I’m so glad you’ve started this blog!!! It’s very uplifting, considering I know how difficult the problems with your health has been for you over the years! I am really looking forward to your weekly blogs and I truly think this blog will be very inspirational for those afflicted with Chron’s. Good for you!!!!

  8. Robin Willis Says:

    I’m glad you started this blog too. I’m sure there are people who will benefit from it. Let me know what I can do to help. I love your attitude and hope to have many more years of friendship with you. xxxooo

  9. Deb Says:

    Hi Mary!

    Having you as my sister-in-law has eternally kept me focused on the GI floor that I work on, where we have several admits each day with severe flares. It’s up close and personal. Chronic illness is not easy, especially one as ellusive and one that varies as much as it does with Crohn’s. Your optimism and positive outlook is what matters so much. Because of you I have always empathized from the heart but your inner strength and character gives me something I can hopefully relate to even more with others. I’d love to give my patient’s a blog that they can relate to as well but I wouldn’t first without your permission. I have to tell you, I had to wipe tears away with the passion and the focus here that you have relayed.


  10. phil bernard Says:

    Hi Mary
    Very good job love it

  11. Poopser: New Blogger, No Sugar Coat Needed « Crohns TeamChallenger Says:

    […] blog, Crohn’s Disease: The Combat Within, talks about the life and struggle of a woman growing up with IBD. Mary describes herself as a […]

  12. Robin Willis Says:

    Some great comments from Chrohns TeamChallenger. I’m sure as time passes, more people will visit your blog and find it very valuable.

  13. Sharon Duquette Says:

    Terrific job Mary ! I was able to view your first blog and I think it’s great. I’m sure people with this same illness or newly diagnosed will appreciate hearing what you learned, what you felt worked best, etc, etc. Keep up the good work ! How wonderful to see you put such a positive spin on everything !

  14. Donna Getz Says:

    Love your blog. Great job …

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